"...  The audience was struck by the precise and powerfully evocative conducting, obtaining rich soundscapes, thanks to the remarkably focused singers. Henry Pompidor provided this endearing repertoire with balance, accuracy and vocal harmony, ensuring all the intensity and fullness you could possibly hope for."
Education Musicale (March 2014)
"... Tremendous professionalism, both in the organization and choral conducting, great musicianship and perfect efficiency in preparing the musical selection"
French Festival (February 2012)
"Henri Pompidor is a remarkable musician who should be called upon more often to share with us the great works of the classical repertoire. Conducting for him is like giving birth to the work, which Dr Pompidor fulfills admirably "
Bangkok Post (February 2012)
"His conducting always leads us to the essence of the music: it is not just "joli", as the French say, but each time the music itself is discovered anew "
Nation (March 2011)
"During the concert, an authentic musical relationship occurs between the conductor and each of his musicians and singers. Henri Pompidor knows how to gather them to create a true musical communion, that the audience also feels "
Philippe Saint Paul (September 2010)
"His interpretation of choral works were simultaneously subtle and nuanced"
Residence (July 2010)
"Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, undoubtedly a memorable musical event in the history of choral music in Thailand, is also a new chapter in the development of classical music in the Kingdom"
Bangkok Post (December 2009)
"... Superb sound results for the choir of 180 singers in performances of Carmina Burana"

Nation (September 2008)

"With comprehensive training and extensive choirmaster and conductor experience, Henri Pompidor continues to show through his many concerts his dynamic character and his interest in the human dimension of choral singing"

Edith Weber (Octobre 2008, Paris Sorbonne)